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We’re a leading European testing facility of flavors and food ingredients. We began by manufacturing essential oils, which were the only way of adding aroma to foodstuffs.

We then gradually expanded our program to include fruit and flavor concentrate based on all the varieties of continental fruits, as well as natural extracts of aromatic plants.



Our company was founded in 1924 as a trading company in Celje, which was engaged in the sale of essential oils, essences, and plant extracts. In 1929, my partner and I founded a new company, with which we first supplied South-Eastern Europe, and then the rest of the continent.


We established the production of essences and essential oils. In 1969, we built a new factory and moved from the original premises to a new location. Soon after that, we conquered the Yugoslav market in the field of confectionery and alcohol industry and started looking for a strategic partner to penetrate the world market.


We entered into a partnership with the largest global manufacturer of scent components and raw materials for the food, tobacco, toiletry, and cosmetics industries. After 11 years, we terminated our contract and opted for an independent appearance in the global market with our own subsidiaries and branch offices all over the world.


In 2012, we became ISO FSSC 22000 certified, which demonstrates our excellent Food Safety Management System in meeting the requirements of customers and consumers. At the moment, we are a leading European aroma and flavoring house for the food industry and are present in more than 53 countries worldwide.


  • Snack seasonings
  • Flavor and spice mixtures
  • Flavor extracts
  • Seasoning blends for dressings and other food applications
  • Top notes for savory snacks.
  • Flavors for compound feed and premixes
  • Fish food flavors
  • Pet food flavors (dogs, cats)
  • Fruit concentrates
  • Fruit compounds
  • Tobacco castings
  • Tobacco flavors for shishas
  • Flavorings for clear drinks
  • Flavors for fondants
  • Flavorings for flavored waters
  • Aerated confectionery
  • Flavoring emulsions for cloudy drinks
  • Natural herb extracts
  • Flavors for chewing gums
  • Natural herb flavors
  • Juicy coloring food
  • Functional and healthy ingredients
  • Plant extracts
  • Functional compounds
  • Natural food colors
  • Tea related compounds


The company’s quality policy and its achievements testify to the fact that the products are healthy, high quality, and safe. The company’s standard is produced in synergy with the international quality standards ISO 9001 and sustainable ecological development. Because we know that we can all make a difference, we also work hard to ensure compliance with the ISO 14001 standard. We actively care about our impact on the global environment.